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Cancer Treatment Costs

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It’s always devastating to hear that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, but as we have progressed scientifically and new treatments have been brought forward, the news may not be as devastating. Lack of advances in medicine isn’t the reason many cancer patients find it hard to obtain treatment. Unfortunately the cost of treatment is just too high.

In a survey conducted by The American Cancer Society and The Kaiser Family Foundation 20% of people with health insurance can’t afford the necessary treatment for their cancer. With insurance providers placing limits on insurance benefits and policies, the cost to the patient goes up.

Take 10-year old Taylor Wilhite for example. She has been battling Leukemia since last March and is already reaching the million life time limit of coverage under her father’s health insurance. Or look at 58-year old Jamie Drzewicki, her breast cancer has gone in to remission after treatment and surgery but her 0,000 policy has already ran out with more bills to still be paid.

I cant go on with the fear that Im gonna get cancer again, and have this stress every day, and I have to let it go, and try to pay what I can, she said.

John Sefferin, leader of the American Cancer Society for 17 years feels that cancer is a problem that based on what we can do through science and medicine can be handled but it just isn’t affordable.

The survey conducted was partially based on requests for financial aid concerning cancer treatment received by the American Cancer Society. It found several consistent problems facing those who had medical insurance; high cost sharing, limits on insurance coverage that are substantially lower than the cost of treatment, and limitations on policies when and employee becomes to sick to work anymore.

The report on the survey didn’t offer any recommendations, but according to Sefferin the study should underscore a need for healthcare reform.