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Further Investigation Needed On Vermont Asbestos Mine

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The Vermont Health Department will go into further investigation concerning a closed asbestos mine located in Eden, Vermont. A report was released back in November 2008 that showed a higher than expected incidence of asbestos related cancers and asbestosis in the area surrounding the mine.

State officials later came out and refuted initial reports that people had been injured due to asbestos exposure from the closed mine. This has brought on further investigations from state officials who hope that new data will show that the closed mine has caused no harm. They plan to release a new report by April 1.

A concerned community group conducted their own studies. Their reports mention that deaths have stemmed from on the job exposure concerning the mine but did not make mention of exposure from living nearby.

The November report that has been called into question said that residents living near the mine had high rates of asbestos exposure related diseases. Later on the State Health department announced findings in the report were erroneous. Both the report and the refuting of the report have lead to area residents fearing for their health and safety.

First and foremost we want to know we live in a healthy community, said Neil Johnston, 52, of Hyde Park. And if we believe the medical information shows we do, then we wouldn’t want misinformation about that so that people think our properties not worth much.