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How is Asbestosis Treated?

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Asbestosis has no known cure. The treatments available are to minimize the discomfort of the symptoms. There are three main treatment options.

1. Traditional Therapies – the common medical treatments, including:

  • Oxygen supplementation for the shortness of breath,
  • Surgery to remove tumors or malignancies that are a result of asbestos exposure. Removing these can reduce pain and extend life expectancy,
  • Chemotherapy and radiation – can shrink tumors, slow their growth or help the success of surgical treatment.

2. Non-traditional treatments – are used by non-medical practitioners as well as any treatments from out of country. They can also include complimentary treatments, which are used in conjunction with tradition treatments.

3. Palliative care – is the treatment and care to reduce a person’s suffering and to increase their quality of life. It does not try to ‘cure’ a disease. Included in this can be:

  • Pain management,
  • Treatments to improve breathing,
  • Surgeries to remove tumors if that will ease the patient’s suffering.

Regardless of the treatment a person chooses, it’s important to discuss all options with both your family and your physician. As there is no cure, there can’t be a right or wrong way. The treatment needs to be individualized to make the patient as comfortable as possible so they can live to the fullest.