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James P. Wilmot Cancer Center Study Suggests Acupressure Wristbands Reduce Nausea in Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy

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A new study suggests that acupressure wristbands reduce nausea for cancer patients receiving radiation treatment.

Despite previous studies that suggest a placebo effect concerning acupressure wristbands reducing nausea in patients receiving radiation therapy, researchers at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at URMC are finding information that would suggest otherwise.

In the most recent clinical trial researchers took 88 patients receiving radiation therapy and divided them into three different groups. Group 1 did not use acupressure wristbands. Group 2 used the wristbands and received literature that suggested the wristbands would reduce nausea. Group 3 also used the wristbands but received literature that was much more neutral as far as the wristbands effectiveness.

When the results came in there was a 23.8% reduction in nausea for all patients who used the wristbands and only a 4.8% reduction in nausea for patients who did not use the wristbands. In groups 2 and 3, the two groups that wore wristbands, there was no difference in the wristbands effectiveness in reducing nausea. This led researchers to believe the reduction in nausea was much more than just a placebo effect.

The acupressure wristband uses Chinese acupuncture methods. The idea is that the wristband unblocks the flow of universal chi energy, making nausea go away.