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MARF Honors Couple With Volunteer of the Year Award

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The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF) honored a couple with the foundations annual Volunteer of the Year Award. Craig and Shelly Kozicki share the honors for their relentless dedication to finding and funding new treatments for mesothelioma.

In July of 1998 Craig was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was even told to g home and get his affairs in order because he only had a few months to live. Craig refused to go home just to die. Over the next 11 years he would push the boundaries of mesothelioma treatment as he tried a number of experimental treatments.

While Craig was being treated his wife Shelly did not rest. Shelly was beating down the doors of legislators working to bring awareness and funding to the fight against mesothelioma. Shelly didn’t stop at writing letters to government officials she even went out and raised money on her own as well. Her first 0,000 raised went to a grant that has funded a National Cancer Institute study that has produced antibodies to battle a protein that is central in mesothelioma.

MARF generally waits till June to give this award but unfortunately it looks like Craig’s incredible fight against mesothelioma is coming to an end, and the foundation wanted the couple to know how much they are loved and appreciated.