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The State of Illinois is Fighting Against Mesothelioma

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The State of Illinois is doing their part in the fight against Mesothelioma. They have not one but two bills working their way through the State Senate and House of Representatives.

The bill that is in the Senate calls for the creation of the Mesothelioma Awareness Fund. Along with the creation of the fund it also provides for the issuance of Mesothelioma Awareness license plates. The original registration fee will be , of that will go to the awareness fund. There will also be a renewal charge, of which will also go to the fund. All of the money that gets paid to the Mesothelioma Awareness Fund will go to the Illinois Department of Public Health to pay for research grants, education and awareness regarding mesothelioma.

The second bill that is working its way through the Illinois House of Representatives, calls for September 26 to be named Mesothelioma Awareness Day. March 18th it was placed on the Calendar Order of Resolutions.